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09 October 2008 @ 08:15 pm
holy shit- we have a film minor!!!! and my german prof is the chair of the "film studies" department?! must talk to him tomorrow about that... 3 semesters, 6 classes... i think i could do it! :D (i am going to die...)
i have decided that if at all possible i will end up "double minoring" instead of double majoring... gross. oh well. makes my theater class choice easier cause i don't have to do all of the extra stuff. on the other hand, my economic choices for next semester are: law and economics (sounds interesting, but i don't know if i could handle it...), health and economics (there is no blurb about this class anywhere) or econometrics (taught by my game theory prof, who was cool, but his teaching style... i don't know, kind of a bad experience... but needed if attempting to graduate w/ honors...)
i'm so screwed.
in the best of all possible words, the film minor would have existed before this semester, i would have another year of school (or would have figured things out at the beginning of last year) and i would be able to combine the 6 classes needed for a film minor and the 5 classes needed for a theatre minor and would have been able to make that a major in and of itself. then i would have been totally set for the rest of my life.

i think i've decided i'm going to own some local store Barony-esque or work in the film industry. that's what i want to do. damn. i'm so screwed...

24 September 2008 @ 09:00 am
OMG! "Clay Aiken comes out of the closet" :O   - I haven't been in this much shock since Lance Bass came out!............

yeah, i'm gonna go eat breakfast now.
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21 August 2008 @ 02:20 pm
so... i'm down to less than a week left of summer vacation. i have to actually start thinking about packing. a bunch of stuff is still in the box(es) it came home in, so that is mostly cool, but i've got to stack all my stuff together. i'm kinda excited and kinda sad about going back to the mountain.
i get my gown this semester- totally stoked (it means i'm smart!) i'm hoping to get to the mountain early enough on tuesday that i can get my books. i discovered that after christmas last semester; getting books the day dorms open are is so much better than getting them the day before classes start.

i'm so brain dead right now........
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08 June 2008 @ 12:51 pm
so... i'm buying a car this summer

if anyone has any tips when it comes to buying a used car, lemme know please :D i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing- i just need a car.
12 February 2008 @ 10:03 pm
game theory test tomorrow- kill me now! first order conditions, contest functions, cournot-nash equilibrium.... eeeh.

marya: sorry i haven't gotten back to you, it would be awesome if i could use your watch again :D

Puppy- i love you

ok, back my flashcards............ and trying not to get sick: the sorority that two of my three roommates belong to has about a 95% sickness rate for the sophomores right now. emily is sick. she was puking this morning. though she's always sick, this is virus-y thing that other people actual have right now. my throat hurt yesterday, better now, but i'm coughing. damn you drainage!

hung lights for loves' labors today, will focus thursday... the show doesn't open until the 27... WTF?! working on actually being productive with lighting already?! the painting of the set is actually almost done; sam said that if they painted this weekend they would actually be done.... now if only they could get that tree finished...

ok, really, back to econ.... (it doesn't help my procrastinating self knowing that i have another hour b/w humanities and history and then between history and econ to study... though that first hour will be mostly breakfast... but still an hour and a half to study tomorrow is more than i usually have the day of an exam...)

oh please god can i have one?!?!?!?!?!?..... gotta go lie down for a minute now or maybe a cold shower....
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31 January 2008 @ 11:34 pm
that's about the extent of it right now- it's one of those 'i have about 6 or 7 emotions running through me right now and yet none at the same time'... and yeah, maybe it is "just a girl thing" but i think it's more of a general I'M BORED (and wanna talk to someone!- however... wait, i lied... not really, i'm still bored, but i have an idea)

ridiculous thought progression....

idea fell through. bugger.
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music to my ears: Shinedown: Burning Bright
13 August 2007 @ 10:54 pm
Post Secret people. if you haven't checked it out, you should. each sunday more secrets are posted, this week was just a short video, but it's still worth seeing. 
some of the secrets are intense, some are funny some sad and some are downright frightening, but it's good to see them.

in other news- i feel sick. i've been feeling sick for the last couple of days. but it's more of a sick dealing with my spastic eating schedule. i don't eat for a while, find myself unbelievably hungry, get lots of food and eat too much of it so that my stomach that hasn't had anything for a while is now groaning because it's been stretched to it's limit... then i digest and my stomach just hurts... on top of that i haven't really been sleeping well the last couple of nights. here's hoping i find some way to right my sleep schedule and have everything else fall into place. things have just been weird for a while.
11 July 2007 @ 10:51 am
so... sam adam or jake... any ideas on what is happening today? i'm gonna be at the theater probably bout 1215 and see what the showings are and decide from there. was thinking we should all meet up then, decide which showing to see, and then depending on when that is, chill in TC for a while.
17 April 2007 @ 01:23 pm
In case anyone was wondering the receiving of friends is 6-8 and then service at 8 for Tommy Wallace’s Dad this Thursday evening (however... some how i managed to find out the times but not the place... i will find out)
16 April 2007 @ 02:51 pm
Tommy Wallace, current president of Masquers (and my VP) lost his father to a heart attack last night.
If you see him, or are able to send him an email or note, please let him know you are thinking of him (if you knew/know him that is)